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Delivering Uniquely Drew Sensibilities Since 1967

30 September 1967
Disclaimer: This is the journal of an adult gay male and as such may include images or discussions of a frank (adult) nature. Persons under the age of majority in their area should not proceed to read my journal. This disclaimer is placed here in cooperation with LiveJournal's policy.

Proud author. First collection of short stories entitled "SMOKE" is available for your enjoyment at Amazon.com. Currently working on the sequel, (bigger, smokier)...and several other fun projects with my publisher. (Nasca Plains.... www.goodboner.com) and thankful that "BOOTBLACKING 101" is now available. Its my first "manual"..with a little fiction thrown in as well.

I sing with the Gay Men's Chorus of Houston, as well as their small ensemble Vocalease.

I am 42 something gay man. I am a leather man. I am a singer. I am an author. I am a freespirit. These are my adventures in life. Slowly, and evolving in this internet age of ...."hello there i live thousands of miles away..."...and "yer kinda cute, there fella".