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I didn’t have time to stop by someplace and grab breakfast, I am going upstairs and getting something from the machine.

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These boots are my original U.S. Navy issue chukka boots. I was handed these shoes in the summer of 1985. I still wear them to work. Thirty year old boots outlasting relationships, pets, Six different cities I called home (great lakes naval training center, orlando naval training center, port hueneme/los angeles, mcmurdo station antarctica, denver and now Houston.)

Other boots have looked great but eventually surrendered to use.

My chukkas are still going strong. These boots ate a little beat up and have a couple of areas when there are dents or pieces of leather missing.

But they keep going. In fact I wore them to work this morning!

The Bema Seat

And so…

They call it the Bema Seat,

The time of review and reconciliation,

We wonder where it leads,

and what will be said when we arrive,

When they ask about humility,

Will we sit in the chair,

and tell of our advances,

or our failings and disapointments?

When they ask about honesty,

Will we lower the veil,

Letting truth be invested,

or install shields of half lies and fabled reality?

When they ask about anger,

will our fists clench,

or will we smile and try

to disvalue the inquiry?

When they ask about sorrow,

will a tear fall,

glistening in the light that is around us,

or simply dissipate in the moment?

When they ask about humility,

will you sit silence,

how does one inquire about selflessness,

and actually reply?

When they talk about life,

will there be a conversation,

dissertation, or just silence,

words without meaning,

They call it the Bema Seat,

a chair for judgement,

a place that we will reach,

or are we there every day,

We stand every day in a place,

where review could be helpful,

Stopping and saying “where are we?”

and possibly benefitting from it…

The Bema Seat may be made of marble,

The Bema seat might be a throne of straw and mud,

it might be plastic with little kittens etched into it,

or it might not exist at all physically…

What if every time we sit down,

We arrive in the bema seat?

Each single moment of reclination,

We can be in self judgement…

not for definition,

not for self fulfillment,

but just being you…

and taking time to see…

where we are right now.

I am writing you in response.

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nice start to the day


I owe you a huge hug the next time I see you in appreciation of your book. I loved it. I downloaded it to my Kindle. I promise to give you a great review on Amazon.

Beautiful job brother. Truly beautiful.

So be warned. A hug is coming your way.

Cat/human interaction update:

We have decided to sleep closer to the human.

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Stand Tall

Isn’t love something that, once broken,

Cannot be fixed or repaired?

Stand tall and look up

and say quietly, you will miss them.

Is there a cure for a shattered

illusion of tranquility?

The emptiness of a sudden loss,

The lost that cannot return,

Flashes of shock storing within

Defenses, are building like prison walls.

What I feel is different

than if I just I misplaced or lost something.

This love was taken from me.

An excerpt from "Pathways" now available in paperback and Kindle edition via Amazon.com


movie ketchup

So I finally made it to Suicide Squad yesterday and I have to say I liked it. It was dark and moody and even with brief glimpses of Batman or the Flash we didnt get hour long explanations of how batman lost his parents or how superman came to earth. It was a good "meanwhile in another part of the world that doesnt involve gotham city or metropolis."

It has humour and the Joker and Harlequin had some of the best chemistry id seen between actors in a super person film in a long time.

Today ive been asked to go the lubys for brunch and then go see "Sausage Party." I have my doubts but going to a $5 matinee helps with some doubt. ;)

So off to lubys brunch... Ooo I hope they have benedict


Drewish Log Supplemental

I find myself in a strange position of "what is next for Drew?

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