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Vacation in sfo on transit

Announcement on train

"Yes it is shocking that you came above ground.

But only to you dumbass. You have gone three stations to far on a N train. Please walk to church street and go back where you started. You are so lame. Thank you riding Metro."

So today was going spots of the city Jeff wanted to share. We went to totally out of the way diner for breakfast. What a hidden gem! Quick service, delicious food in South San Francisco. Jeff has been the perfect host. He always has interesting stories related to where we are going and where we might be.

Name of restaurant here.

We then went down to the ocean and stopped at Cliffhouse. A stunning bldg stuck on the cliffs above the Sutro Bath ruins. To see them sprinkled with graffiti was kind of sad. You can go search for them online. They have videos that Thomas Edison himself recorded when they were operational.

Announcement in station

"Please go downstairs and wait for 15 minutes for the train back through Vanness station where you should have gone the other direction... dumb ass. Thank for riding Metro."

The gift shop at Cliffhouse had a fantastic collection of bookmark length retro magnets of different landmarks. My fridge has its "hi honey im home gift."

We then drifted our way to the pier and the Ghirardelli mother ship. Evidence of chocolate overload that was more than Houston's Chocolate bar is in previous posts. Sorry chocolate bar yer number two now.

We drifted our way back to the house.

Last evening after meeting a new "David and Robert" at the Eagle beerbust and enjoying dinner w them... they dropped me off at my hosts... with my reading/computer glasses in the back of the car.

We arranged to meet in Castro for their safe return.

Meanwhile i met Rod and Rodger for coffee. They have to be the worlds cutest handsomest couple ever. Soft smiles positive outlook.

They headed to dinner and i had dinner with "the other robert and dave."

Oh my train is here...

Announcement on train

"Now arriving at Van Ness ...where you started your journey home over 30 minutes ago dumb ass."

I am going to try and do better at transit tomorrow I promise.

So now in Civic Center BART...

"Yer in the right station this time... dumb ass... thank you riding Bay Area Transit. Oh you want a picture if my map... now. Hurry up."

Tomorrow I am going to the Grace Cathedral Labyrinth and hopefully the Lands End Labyrinth....and nibble my way.

Making enchiladas for dinner tomorrow night. 😀😁

"This is an outbound dublin train... please do not get on that train dumbass ...it is not going where you need to go."

This trip has been so nonstressed. Adventures and laughter and more laughter.

Thanks for all the David and Bobs in the world.

Announcement in station.

"Please stop writing your blog post and get on the Daly City train unless you want wait 8 more minutes for an SFO train. God how do you get around where you live? Thank for using Bay Area Transit."

"24th and Mission.. dont do it. Stay... thank you. Gawd."

So now just a short ride up the escalator in glen park to catch bus up the hill.

"You are lucky I don't charge you for internet access to the post all this. Please just get off the train already. Now! Go! Leave!"

All right already geeesh.

Announcement in station

"Congratulations you made it Glen Park's BART station please wait 25 minutes for a ride up the big hill. Now please leave the station."


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