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Vacation in sfo on transit

Announcement on train

"Yes it is shocking that you came above ground.

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You would've been at 56 in the morning ...

I'm glad I got to spend some of those years with you I'd like to think we had our happy ending for a while there.

So I'll be wearing red tomorrow because of course you're still sharing your birthday with world AIDS Day.

We all miss you very much .


"The Optimism of Uncertainty"- Howard Zinn

"An optimist isn’t necessarily a blithe, slightly sappy whistler in the dark of our time.

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Hey I had that?

Drewish log supplemental

There are times I truly wish things were different than they are.

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Floor it

When the open road

Clears and nothing impedes,

How can you not press down,

Accelerate your mind and spirit

And floor it?

When he appears on the far edge

Of a brightly lit room,

He offers you his hand and

Offers to take the lead in the dance,

As you floor it,

When you spend time with her

The grandchild and her breakfast,

Smiles, Cheerios, Grapes...

Afterwards get out the mop,

And floor it,

As pain wafts past

Loved ones vanish,

Crying out for peace .. undestanding,

And drop to our knees,

And floor it

Moments of passion

Romances by candlelight

Removing all barriers

Leaving a trail of clothes behind

And floor it

Stand firm and dedicate

Kneel down and appreciate

Life we have is delicate

Go ahead accelerate

Floor it


Excerpt from Briarpatch:

There are scents of particular shades that bring back memories for each person.

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An excerpt from "Pathways".

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Traffic Reports

Traffic reports are good,

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Boltonize the Holidays

Memories that both make you smile and remember fondly.

Shreveport Texas... Four years ago

Jordan and I were having lunch at one of the Shreveport Casinos after we drive to his appointments at the VA Hospital.

I had noticed that Michael Bolton was performing in December at one of the newer casino theaters..and I casually said "just in time for christmas....wouldnt that be amazing"...

He didnt immediately respond to the idea.

As we drove out of Shreveport several hours later Jordan saw one of the garrish billboards advertising the concert. Michael Bolton drapped in christmas lights... "celebrate the season with Michael Bolton"

The look of shock and awe was priceless.

"OH... My... God... you werent .. tell me you are kidding"

I can be so evil

drewish log

Drewish Log: Welcome back to Fall Edition

As the clock slowly moves through September and "memories" on facebook start showing the last memories I would have with Jordan.

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